Insight Protection

Duress Alarms

Do you work in an environment where you or your staff may be at risk of attacks or abuse from either patients, clients or the general public? Or do you live alone and worry about falls or your health. If either of these situations apply to you, you may benefit from having a Duress Alarm fitted to your work or home.

A Duress Alarm can come in a variety of forms, from a Medical pendant to an under the counter button.  Whichever you choose, you can be assured that by activating the alarm you will have automatically notified someone of your emergency situation and that help will be on its way.

Our Insight Protection Solutions expert will be able to talk through with you your exact requirements and then recommend a product to suit your needs.

Things to think about when choosing a Duress Alarm;

What sort of coverage do you need? 
The type of alarm you get should depend on whether you need the alarm to just send a signal to another part of a room, building or site or city.

What sort of activation switch do you need?
Do want the alarm to go off only when a button is deliberately pushed or do you need it to automatically activate itself i.e. a man-down tilt switch, or a no-motion detection switch. These in particular have a built-in switch which will detect if the wearer is lying down or motionless.

Who do you want to receive an alert message? 
Do you want an alert to go silently to a Monitoring Control Room who will contact the responders of your choice i.e. police or a patrol. Or would you prefer a loud audible alarm to sound in order to attract as much attention to you as possible. Did you need a visual alert such as a flashing strobe light to attract attention for those with hearing difficulties or did you want an SMS message sent to an individual’s mobile phone or reception computer.

With full access to the most up to date products on the market, let our expert consultant help you ensure you, your employees and your family are fully covered in the case of an emergency.