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Access Control

If you are looking for a product which not only monitors who is moving in and out of certain areas but also restricts access and blocks unwelcome visitors then Access Control should be part of your security system.

Your Access Control system will provide you with a completely secure workplace by identifying and verifying an individual’s level of authorisation and then only allowing access where preprogrammed to. This not only protects your property but also your employees, assets and information.  It gives you flexibility to secure different areas with different access levels within one building and you can also receive reports on people’s movements.

Access control points are usually positioned around a facility’s perimeter near vehicular gates, turnstiles, building entry points, doors into rooms and other special areas within a building.

Key Pad

Swipe Card

There are many different types of access control systems including swipe cards, pin codes, biometrics and proximity card readers. Choosing which type is the best one for your property and business is easy – simply let our Security Specialist guide you through your options.