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Alarm Systems

Quality 24 Hour Alarm Monitoring in Shepparton

Choosing the right Alarm System for your property or business is an important decision. At Insight Protection Solutions, we recommend that you ask yourself the following questions;

How visible do you want the system to be?

Do you want it to be a hidden, covert system or a highly visible deterrent i.e. large box on the outside of your house and flashing light?

Do you want it to have a loud siren or be silent with a monitored response to a Security Control Room?

Do you want CCTV to be able to record images and if so would they be constant recordings or motion triggered by sensors?

If you just can't decide then let our Security Specialist advise you. After an indepth consultation and inspection of your premises, Insight Protection Solutions will offer you a free, no obligation quote, valid for 30 days. Upon acceptance of this quote our team of highly trained technicians will install your alarm sytem to your requirements and provide expert advice on how to use it.