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Security Camera in Shepparton


There are many types of cameras on the market from Tilt Zoom cameras to discrete covert systems. Our Security Specialist will offer you security recommendations based on your specific requirements so that you are able to make a well informed decision to get the right system. Whether you need a large area to be covered by numerous cameras, a network IP Security camera or a single intercom camera at your front door, we can supply you with the most up to date, cost effective equipment available on the market.

Things to think about when choosing your camera

- How big/small is the area you want covered
- How dark/well lit is the area
- How obvious do you want it to be i.e. overtly obvious or disguised as a smoke detector.

A small selection of our recommended cameras are shown below.



Another important aspect of your CCTV equipment is the Digital Video Recording (DVR) system. A DVR is a device that will record and store analogue video signals digitally from your cameras onto hard disks. Depending on the model of DVR you can set it to record at different resolutions and frame rates. You can then view either live images or the recorded video on location or remotely via a network link. Hybrid DVR’s display & record a mix of analogue and IP cameras. It is important to ensure you choose the right DVR that will give you the required playback time, the clearest picture possible and ease of use to burn the required footage onto disc in the event that a third party needs it i.e. the Police following an incident.

Our team of expert Technicians will be able to provide all the options and advice you will need in order to choose the right CCTV equipment for you and can be on hand to help you copy footage as and when required.