Insight Protection


Whatever type of security system you have, it is highly recommended that in order to achieve the highest level of protection, you should get it serviced on a regular basis. A full maintenance check at least once every two years would be advisable.

Different seasons throughout the year can affect your system in various ways and over the years there are increasing instances of interferance and damage to cabling, power supplies and sensors, caused by everything from storm damage to insects and mice.  Some of the problems that can occur are  

- triggering sensors

Having your system maintained by one of our expert Technicians means they will;

  • Inspect and test the operation of your control panel 
  • Check the operation and integrity of the signaling equipment with the monitoring centre
  • Inspect and test all detection points including sensors, cameras, audible alarms
  • Check the operation of CCTV and Access Control systems ensuring lenses are correctly focused, field of view is correct
  • Inspect the condition of all visible wiring and conduits
  • Test and replace if necessary power supplies and batteries

Maintaining your Security System on a regular basis will not only make it last longer but will give you added peace of mind that you are fully protected.